Friday, January 11, 2013

Photographing "Real" Ghosts!

Well, let me say first off, I don't have much faith in modern ghost recording. I do believe in ghosts! My oldest son and I saw and heard a ghost (I guess it was a ghost) from two different points of view when he was about 3 years old.

To the left is a beginner, ghost recording kit I found on the Sears website
For some reason I have a lot more interest in old, primitive photos of apparitions
Here is a neat photograph taken in an old English house in 1936 from Alice Duer Miller's book, I Have Loved England. Below that is a photo taken by Shirley Mackie of a ghost by the Brazos River in Texas.  The picture was published in Ed Syers' book Ghost Stories of Texas.
The Photo from the Syers book creeps me out! Look carefully at the top right area of the photo and look for a very ancient looking girl holding a child in the area of her left elbow. Br-r-r-r!

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