Thursday, June 16, 2016

Portfolio of my ink and watercolor illustrations

I usually start a picture with a pencil drawing on water color paper or illustration board then paint a big, relaxed wash of watercolor over that, usually yellow. Next I begin painting on the characters and details. After bringing the water color work to a fairly finished state I begin the inking with either a very fine pen nib dipped in ink or a fine point artist pen with permanent ink, or even the beloved "Sharpie".
Markers and colored pencils are often used to finish. I hope you enjoy my pictures!

Childhood memories, myths and ghost stories are my inspiration. My favorite media are pen, watercolor,
 and colored pencil .
I have illustrated 5 books for author, Gregory Miller, a protege of Ray Bradbury.
 My art has sold all around the globe and collectors include my favorite author, RayBradbury. 
Lenox China, The Hamilton Collection, Fitz and Floyd, S&D Limoges and Faroy Candles are some of the
companies I have designed for. Creative heroes of mine are  Ray Bradbury, Joe Mugnaini, Jack Davis, Juan Gimenez, James Gurney, Charles Addams, Fred Banbury, Peter Spier,  Gregory Miller and Hayao Miyazaki.
John Randall York
809 South Chilton Avenue
Tyler, Texas 75701

Cover art for Gregory Miller's ON THE EDGE OF TWILIGHT

Urban Underground

Cover for Gregory Miller's SCARING THE CROWS

Cover for Gregory Miller's THE UNCANNY VALLEY

Cover art for Gregory Miller's DARKNESS IN THE VALLEY


Cover, Gregory Miller's CROWS AT TWILIGHT


All of these images are Copyrighted by John Randall York, 2016