Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Drawing Videos!

I hope you get a little Halloween fun from these sped up ghostly drawings! Happy Halloween 2016!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

An exciting journey in watercolor!

What an exciting journey! I was thrilled and pleased when I stacked all of these watercolor paintings I've been making of Tyler, Texas on the dining room table, about 70 so far. 
Each painting is a memory of people I've met as I painted, the hot weather, the beautiful sunrises, the little rain showers, all of it!
Thank you for enjoying them with me, I'll be making more!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lot's of Rain, Heat and Watercolors!

The Summer of 2016 has been a great season for watercolor painting of local landmarks and houses in Tyler, Texas. Tyler has about 15 miles of red brick streets constructed in the 1930s and 1940s and I get to enjoy them every day.
Many beautiful churches, houses and public buildings are framed by the brick streets which make a pleasing, colorful foundation for my sketches and paintings.
I've uploaded several images of my paintings, I hope you enjoy them.

Brick Street Village

First Presbyterian Church

Marvin Methodist Church

Marvin Methodist

Christ Episcopal Church

Crescent Laundry

Cotton Belt Depot

First Baptist Church

First Presbyterian

Old Smith County Jail

Chilton House

Charnwood District

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Rick's On The Square

All of these images are Copyright 2016 by John Randall York

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Portfolio of my ink and watercolor illustrations

I usually start a picture with a pencil drawing on water color paper or illustration board then paint a big, relaxed wash of watercolor over that, usually yellow. Next I begin painting on the characters and details. After bringing the water color work to a fairly finished state I begin the inking with either a very fine pen nib dipped in ink or a fine point artist pen with permanent ink, or even the beloved "Sharpie".
Markers and colored pencils are often used to finish. I hope you enjoy my pictures!

Childhood memories, myths and ghost stories are my inspiration. My favorite media are pen, watercolor,
 and colored pencil .
I have illustrated 5 books for author, Gregory Miller, a protege of Ray Bradbury.
 My art has sold all around the globe and collectors include my favorite author, RayBradbury. 
Lenox China, The Hamilton Collection, Fitz and Floyd, S&D Limoges and Faroy Candles are some of the
companies I have designed for. Creative heroes of mine are  Ray Bradbury, Joe Mugnaini, Jack Davis, Juan Gimenez, James Gurney, Charles Addams, Fred Banbury, Peter Spier,  Gregory Miller and Hayao Miyazaki.
John Randall York
809 South Chilton Avenue
Tyler, Texas 75701

Cover art for Gregory Miller's ON THE EDGE OF TWILIGHT

Urban Underground

Cover for Gregory Miller's SCARING THE CROWS

Cover for Gregory Miller's THE UNCANNY VALLEY

Cover art for Gregory Miller's DARKNESS IN THE VALLEY


Cover, Gregory Miller's CROWS AT TWILIGHT


All of these images are Copyrighted by John Randall York, 2016

Thursday, March 24, 2016

I miss Ray Bradbury!

    Ray Bradbury's stories gave me an extra excitement for life, like that first dose of crisp Autumn weather that makes everybody a little more alert, a little more ready to believe in ghosts and fairies!
His words were like paint, right out of the tube. His ideas gave me ideas and it all seemed right!

    Several years ago I was compelled to make paintings and drawings inspired by his book THE HALLOWEEN TREE and the Hanna-Barbera "The Halloween Tree" production. I sold the paintings and prints of them online and eventually sent some of the prints to Ray after finding his address on a piece of stationery published in a book about him. Weeks later I happened to check the spam file of my mail and there was a peculiar email, it was from Ray! He thanked me for the prints, complimented my work and said it was good that I had sent them to him, that they helped him realize his ideas were moving in the world.

   The Halloween Trees and haunted houses I painted introduced me to other Ray Bradbury fans who became friends, most especially my dear friend Gregory Miller who was a close friend and disciple of Ray's. Since our meeting I have illustrated 5 books for Greg, the first, SCARING THE CROWS, is dedicated to Ray. Another friend I gained through the Halloween Tree paintings facilitated an exchange where I signed more of my prints to Ray and Ray signed some of my prints to me and also, over time, sent me signed books!

I never actually met Ray but sent him scans of hand made cards on his birthdays and Halloween
and friends through his website and his daughter would see that he received the images.

Greg called me on June 5th, 2012 and told me Ray had passed away... many of us stopped breathing and I still haven't found a replacement for the only person who was on my list of "People I'd Like To Meet". The wonderful thing that remains is the friends I made through Ray!

All images copyright 2016 by John Randall York

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Collecting My Originals

If you wonder about collecting some of my original art I recently posted several in my eBay shop.
Sometimes I like to take a large piece of illustration board and fill it with many images then cut the board up into smaller drawings and paintings.
 I have a hard time letting the large board go! The 20 x 30 inch piece looks so cool populated with the originals, like some unique wrapping paper with no repeating image.

The board on the left is full of Autumn and Halloween images, below that is a picture of several drawings in progress on a pad of drawing paper.
The last images are single pictures cut out and featured in my eBay store .
Thanks for looking!

Copyright 2016 by John Randall York