Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Gregory Miller Books

Last night Gregory Miller, my favorite living author, sent me some of the first chapters of the manuscript for his new book which I will be happy and honored to illustrate.
Greg and I met by way of a mutual appreciation for  Ray Bradbury's work. Greg bought a painting I made inspired by Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree. Later he commissioned me to paint a companion piece based on Ray's From the Dust Returned and eventually asked if I'd be interested in illustrating his first book, Scaring the Crows:21 Tales for Noon or Midnight.  We followed with The Uncanny Valley: Tales from a Lost Town then On the Edge of Twilight:22 Tales to Follow You Home.
It's been a thrilling adventure so far and it is truly "uncanny" how we inspire each other as we work on the books. In 2008, Ray Bradbury wrote, "Gregory Miller is a fresh new talent with a great future."
Below are links to buy our books at Amazon, if you'd like a copy inscribed personally please email me at

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