Monday, January 07, 2013

Evidence of the Human Hand

There certainly are a lot of beautiful, realistic illustrations being produced today, especially in Fantasy and Science Fiction illustration. The anatomy is correct, the skin is perfect, the shadows and color are convincing. Just look at a Spectrum publication, all of that fantastic art is the result of much hard work and planning by award-winning illustrators. The pictures are photographic in appearance, some are the result of photographs and computers.
As for my tastes I am drawn to artwork that shows evidence of the human hand. I like to see some raw pencil shining through watercolor or some crooked ink lines or an unintended splotch of paint. The handmade art seems more personal to me and I find that sort of thing very comforting to look at. Often, if a picture is too perfect, I give it a quick look but my eyes tend to move on in search of another subject.

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