Friday, February 12, 2016

KING BRONTY! "Return To Witch Castle!"

Yes, we are finally returning to "Witch Castle" and here is the complete record so far, for your enlightenment and for mine. 
King Bronty and Prince Podoee finally left the pirates of the "Scurvy Shark" and took off in their little boat, the "Dino Flyer" with a promise to their father to be careful.
Today I have collected that story so far to bring us all up to date!


 I hope you enjoy this blog.  I truly enjoy making "King Bronty"!  "King Bronty" is drawn on paper then transferred to bristol board using tracing paper and a carbon-like paper.  The transferred drawing is then inked in black lines with either ink and a brush or a brush pen or a Sharpie marker.                         
Next, I use combinations of Crayola Markers, Pitt Artist's Markers, Prismacolor Markers, gouache paint and colored pencils. Then, of course, I scan each page, re-size it and post the strip for you to enjoy!    
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                                                                          John Randall York

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