Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Wonderful Month Of October

This is my favorite month, it starts with my birthday and ends with Halloween, that spice called Autumn is in the air and I really savor everyday. This just fun stuff that I enjoy reliving.

Here is a remarkable place called The Village Bakery in my town (Tyler, Texas).
Look at the wonderful stuff they bake everyday!

My wife came home at lunchtime and brought this... a cake from The Village Bakery! I miss this cake very much.

I finally decorated the big Elm tree in our front yard for the festive month
Here's how I did it!

Even Blerpy got into the fun! (She reminds me of Totoro)



Designs by CK said...

FUN post John ~ AND...

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday my Halloween friend!!!

Best Always,
Chris :-D)

Tracy said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing :) I love seeing photos and that bakery shop looks like fun! Happy birthday to you! (October is my favorite month, too!)

ValGalArt said...

Happy Birthday and i loved seeing your little slice of life :)

yoon see said...

What a surprise...
So many upbhxmupdates here!
Happy birthday & Halloween John.
Thanks for sharing your great joy here, some many pieces of candid shots documented your joy and happiness in life especially this glorious month which is so special to you. Still another 15 days to mark the end of October.
Hope you spice up your the second half with more cheers...
Please remember to share the second episode of your Wonderful October.

T.H said...

yummy love the cake :) great pics!

Kate said...

Oh how fun and festive! I love that cake...it literally made my mouth water and I had to pause and savor it with my eyes! I just KNOW from looking at it that that was a yummy cake. October looks so pretty in your part of the country. Nice here in Chicago.....in the beginning of October, but oftentimes SNOW by Halloween.